Dumpster Diving At Petco (2024 Update)

Dumpster diving at Petco has become an interesting hobby for many people. 

Petco, a big store for pet things, often throws away many items like pet food, toys, and other stuff. 

Some of these things are barely used or still in their package. This has caught the attention of different kinds of people who look through this trash for things they can use or find valuable. 

Come with me, as in this article, we will dive into the legality and the potential of Dumpster diving at Petco.

Dumpster Diving At Petco

Dumpster Diving At Petco

Petco is a leading pet speciality retailer in the United States, offering a comprehensive range of products, services, and advice to pet owners. 

The company’s extensive product assortment includes premium pet food, supplies, services, and a wide variety of animals for sale. 

With a mission centred on improving the lives of pets, pet parents, and Petco partners, the company remains committed to delivering high-quality products and outstanding service. 

Petco operates more than 1,500 retail locations across the U.S., Mexico, and Puerto Rico, along with a robust online presence, making it a convenient one-stop shop for all pet needs.

Is It Illegal To Dumpster Dive At Petco?

While the law varies by location, in the United States, the 1988 Supreme Court case of California v. Greenwood set the precedent that garbage is in the public domain.

This essentially means that once items are thrown away, they are legally considered public property.

However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t give dumpster divers free rein. 

If the dumpster is on private property or within a gated area, diving could be considered trespassing, which is illegal. 

Furthermore, certain businesses like Petco may have specific policies against dumpster diving, which may be legally enforceable.

As for Petco, it’s crucial to remember that they are a pet supply store. The items they discard could be expired or recalled products, which could harm your pets if consumed. 

While usually it’s not illegal to dive in a dumpster at Petco, it does have potential legal and health uncertainties. 

What is The Best Time To Dumpster Dive At Petco?

If you’re considering this for Petco, it’s important to know that stores typically follow a routine when discarding products.

For Petco, the best time to dumpster dive is usually after closing hours, which can range from 7 PM to 9 PM, depending on the store location

This is typically when they discard unsold items such as pet foods, toys, and sometimes small equipment. 

However, remember that many stores compact their garbage, making dumpster diving impossible or dangerous.

Best Days To Dumpster Diving At Petco

Optimal days for dumpster diving at Petco, or any retailer, are primarily dependent on their trash and delivery schedules, which can vary by store and location. 

Typically, one can glean the most following restocking days, as these are when the stores dispose of the most unsold merchandise.

Shipment days for most Petco stores are Tuesday and Friday mornings. 

Thus, it stands to reason that Tuesday and Friday evenings or Wednesday and Saturday mornings are likely the best times. 

What to Look For While Dumpster Diving At Petco?

When embarking on an adventure like dumpster diving at Petco, there are some key things to look out for to ensure a successful exploit.

Firstly, you should be aware of local laws and regulations regarding dumpster diving. 

Secondly, focus on timing. Petco, like many retailers, often throws out unsold items at the end of the day. 

Arriving soon after store closing might yield the best results. However, make sure you respect their operating hours and avoid causing disturbances.

Petco often clears out discontinued or out-of-date items that can still be useful. You might come across a variety of pet supplies, such as food, toys, and accessories. 

Always remember to check expiration dates on food items and inspect toys for damage before use.

So here is the list of things to look at while dumpster diving at Petco:

  • Pet food 
  • Damaged pet toys
  • Slightly damaged pet beds or bedding
  • Opened but unused grooming supplies
  • Broken or returned aquariums and cages
  • Promotional pet apparel.
  • Miscellaneous pet accessories

Does Petco Throw Away Animals?

Petco, a major pet retailer in the United States, follows a strict no-kill policy. This means they do not euthanize animals to make room for new arrivals, nor do they sell dogs or cats. 

Instead, Petco collaborates with and supports thousands of local animal welfare groups across the country to find homes for homeless pets through in-store adoption events. 

According to their official policy, every animal that comes into their care is treated with compassion, regardless of its health or circumstances. 

They also have a program called “Think Adoption First,” which encourages pet lovers to consider adopting pets instead of purchasing them.

Petco invests in resources and training to ensure that each animal is cared for and prepared for a potential new home. 

In fact, Petco and the Petco Foundation have helped find homes for more than 6.5 million pets through these adoption events. 

Does Petco Throw Away Returns?

Petco’s return policy is designed with the safety of pets and their owners in mind. 

When a customer returns a product, whether it’s food, toys, or equipment, the item goes through a rigorous inspection. 

Any products that are opened, used, or with damaged packaging are generally not restocked on the shelves. 

According to several sources, including employees and company statements, these items are properly disposed of to prevent the potential spread of germs and contaminants.

However, there can be exceptions. For example, undamaged fish tanks, cages, or other non-consumable items may be thoroughly cleaned and resold if they return in like-new condition. 

But all consumable items, like food and treats, are discarded once opened and returned for health and safety reasons.

To the company’s commitment to safety, Petco is also committed to reducing waste. 

They work diligently to donate any unopened, unused, and non-expired products to local animal shelters and rescues. 

Petco believes in giving back to the community and supporting animals in need whenever possible.

So, if you are planning to dumpster diving at Apple Store, Dunkin Donut, South Dakota, or Maine; first you should check the state laws before going to your hunt.

How Much Can You Make From Dumpster Diving At Petco?

Dumpster diving, an unconventional method of obtaining items for free or for resale, can potentially yield a profit.

However, the income you can make from dumpster diving at Petco or similar pet supply stores varies considerably depending on a range of factors.

The first consideration is location; in affluent neighbourhoods, there might be a higher chance of finding unused or lightly used items which can be resold. 

Next is the frequency of diving; more regular dives increase the chances of finding worthwhile items.

Some dumpster divers have reported finding expensive pet toys, food, and accessories that are near or just past their sell-by dates or with damaged packaging. 

Reselling these items could bring in anywhere from $20 to $200 per dive, depending on the item’s condition and market demand.

However, it’s important to note that dumpster diving is not a surefire way to generate income. 

It’s unpredictable and can be affected by legal regulations, store policies, and competition from other dumpster divers.

It’s also critical to consider the ethical implications of dumpster diving and to never take more than what you need or leave a mess behind.

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