Dumpster Diving At Ulta (Everything you Need to Know)

Dumpster diving at Ulta, with 1,355 locations spread across all 50 states in the U.S., has become a topic of growing interest.

In this article, we will explore whether it is legal to dive at Ulta dumpsters at Ulta

And tips from seasoned divers how they find items worth up to 70% of their retail price.

Let’s dive in!

Is It Illegal To Dumpster Dive At Ulta?

Dumpster Diving At Ulta

Dumpster diving at Ulta is not explicitly illegal, but it involves certain legal considerations. 

The main thing is whether the Ulta store is considered private property and if there are visible “No Trespassing” signs. 

If such signs are present and you still proceed to dumpster dive, you could be cited for trespassing, which might lead to a lifetime ban from the store.

If you’re dumpster diving at Ulta and are asked by the management to leave the premises, you should comply immediately. 

If you did not leave the dumpster after being asked by the management, then you might face legal issues such as going to jail or a fine.

Best Day To Dumpster Dive At Ulta?

The best day to dumpster dive at Ulta tends to be Tuesdays or Wednesdays. This timing is strategic for several reasons:

1. Restocking Schedule

Ulta stores often restock their shelves early in the week.

This means that Monday or Tuesday could be when they dispose of unsold, damaged, or returned items to make room for new inventory.

2. Less Competition

Fewer people are likely to dumpster dives during weekdays, especially in the mornings.

This reduces competition and increases the chances of finding better items.

4. Waste Collection Schedule 

You should also understand the local waste collection schedule for successful dumpster diving.

Ideally, you want to dive after the store has disposed of its items but before the waste is collected. 

This window varies by location, so it’s beneficial to observe the pattern over a few weeks.

5. Store Policies

You should also be aware of Ulta’s policies regarding waste disposal and to understand local laws regarding dumpster diving. 

Some stores compact their waste, making diving impossible, while others might have strict policies against it. 

When Is The Best Time To Dumpster Dive?

Generally, the most opportune times are either early in the morning or late at night. 

1. Early Morning

This is ideal because most stores or facilities have disposed of their previous day’s waste, and the dumpsters have not yet been emptied by waste collection services. 

It’s also a quieter time, reducing the likelihood of drawing attention.

2. Late at Night

For residential areas, late-night diving can be effective, especially the night before trash collection.

This is when people usually put out large items they want to dispose of.

3. After Business Hours

For commercial dumpsters, diving after business hours (like late evening) is advisable.

This minimizes the chance of confrontations with employees or management.

4. Post-Holiday

Times immediately following major holidays can be particularly fruitful, as stores often discard unsold items.

Does Ulta Beauty Throw Away Makeup?

Ulta, has policies in place regarding the disposal of makeup and beauty products. 

These policies are often driven by health and safety regulations.

Makeup that is returned or damaged is typically not resold due to hygiene concerns.

Instead, these items are often disposed of to prevent the potential spread of bacteria or infection.

However, Ulta Beauty has also been known to participate in environmentally conscious practices. 

They may destroy unusable products to prevent them from being dumpster-dived and resold illegally, which can be harmful to consumers. 

They might also donate gently used or overstock items to charitable organizations.

This is common with products like shampoo or lotion rather than makeup due to sanitary reasons.

Does Ulta Destroy Returns?

Ulta has specific policies for handling returned items, especially cosmetics and skincare products. 

For health and safety reasons, returned items that are used or opened are typically not put back on the shelves for resale. 

These items may be destroyed or disposed of in a way that ensures they are not reused or resold.

What Day Does Ulta Restock?

Ulta Beauty restocks its products throughout the week, with no specific day set for all stores. 

The restocking schedule can vary based on location, store size, and inventory needs.

Ulta’s online store may have different restocking schedules compared to physical stores.

When Does Ulta Get Shipments?

Ulta receives shipments several times a week, but the exact schedule can vary by location; as for the restokes. 

Most stores get new stock at least twice a week, often on weekdays. 

The frequency and timing of these shipments depends on the store’s size, and demand. 

So, if you are planning to dumpster dive at Walmart, Dollar General, or Illinois; you should check these state laws before going to your hunt.

What To Look For While Dumpster Diving At Ulta?

When dumpster diving at Ulta, there are specific items and considerations to keep in mind. 

You should find valuable products while being mindful of safety and legality. 

Here’s a detailed guide:

1. Cosmetics

Ulta dumpsters can be a source of makeup items, skincare products, and beauty tools. 

Look for unopened or gently used items. However, be cautious with used products due to hygiene and health risks.

2. Packaging & Containers

Often, products are thrown away due to damaged packaging. These items are usually safe to use if the product inside is intact.

3. Promotional Items

After the holiday season or promotional events, unsold seasonal items may be discarded.

These can include limited-edition makeup or skincare sets.

4. Returned Items

Ulta may dispose of returned items. While some may be unused, you should check for signs of tampering or use.

5. Damaged Goods

Products with minor damages, like a broken eyeshadow palette or a dented bottle, are often found. These can often be repurposed or fixed.

6. Samples and Testers

Sample products or testers might be thrown away when they are no longer needed.

These can be a great find, but ensure they are in good condition.

7. Expired Products

At the end you should be aware of expired products.

While some items like powders can last longer, expired creams or liquid products can harbour bacteria.

How much money can you make for Dumpster Diving at Ulta?

Making money through dumpster diving at Ulta can significantly be based on several factors. 

While some individuals report finding hundreds of dollars worth of products in a single dive, actual earnings can be unpredictable and inconsistent.

The condition can range from slightly used to completely unusable. Resale value depends heavily on the state of these products.

Platforms like eBay or Poshmark can be used, but remember that selling used cosmetics can be controversial and sometimes against platform policies.

The popularity of dumpster diving at Ulta has increased, which is leading to more competition.

So, more divers means fewer opportunities to find valuable items.

While some divers report finding items worth a few hundred dollars per dive, these instances can be rare. 

The average diver might find items with a much lower total value, and the time and effort invested must be considered against potential earnings.

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