Dumpster Diving at Victoria’s Secret (Ultimate Guide)

At Victoria’s Secret, a renowned lingerie brand, dumpster diving spotlights a world of waste in the fashion industry.

In this guide we will discuss:

  • Is it legal to dumpster dive at Victoria’s Secret?
  • Best time to dumpster dive at VIctoria’s Secret?
  • What to look for while dumpster diving?

Let’s begin!

Dumpster Diving at Victoria’s Secret

Dumpster Diving at Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, established in 1977, is a well-known retailer specializing in women’s lingerie, beauty products, and more. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, it has over 1,100 stores worldwide. 

Dumpster diving at these locations can sometimes yield discarded items such as damaged merchandise or products that have been returned and cannot be sold.

While some may find this activity intriguing, remember that the legality and ethical implications of dumpster diving can vary greatly depending on local laws.

So, it is important to research and respect these considerations before engaging in such activities.

Is it Illegal to Dumpster Dive at Victoria’s Secret?

While dumpster diving isn’t explicitly illegal in all jurisdictions, it’s crucial to check local laws because some places may have ordinances against it.

Specifically for Victoria’s Secret, dumpster diving could be problematic.

The store’s dumpsters are likely on private property, meaning without permission, you’d be trespassing – which is definitely illegal.

Moreover, the company might consider discarded items as their property until properly disposed of, so taking them could be seen as theft.

That said, if you’re considering dumpster diving for the thrill of finding unused merchandise or returned goods, remember that the practice comes with risks.

Dumpsters are not clean, and you could be exposed to hazardous materials or unsanitary conditions.

You should always respect property boundaries and find alternative, legal ways to acquire what you’re looking for.

The Best Time to Dumpster Dive at Victoria’s Secret?

The best time to go dumpster diving at Victoria’s Secret is usually around the store closing time, which can often be around 9 PM to 10 PM.

During this window, employees typically discard unsold, damaged, or out-of-season items. 

It’s also insightful to note that end-of-season clearance times, such as late winter or late summer, may yield a higher chance of finding discarded merchandise due to inventory turnover.

However, it’s important to check local laws and store policies before dumpster diving, as it may be prohibited or restricted in some areas.

What to Look for While Diving at Victoria’s Secret?

When diving into the world of dumpster diving at Victoria’s Secret, there are certain treasures you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

First, you should look out for unsold merchandise that may have simply been discarded due to minor defects or seasonal changes.

Statistically, a surprising amount of perfectly good items are often thrown away; a study shows that retailers like Victoria’s Secret can discard up to 20% of their unsold goods.

Next, promotional items such as sample perfumes and testers are often thrown out even if they’re almost full.

Lastly, scout for marketing materials like posters, standees, or unused shopping bags.

They might seem unconventional, but marketing items are often sought-after by collectors and can be sold online.

Does Victoria’s Secret Throw Away Returns?

Absolutely, retail practices often have a hidden side not seen by consumers. For example, Victoria’s Secret has been reported to discard some returned items.

The reasons vary; some items can’t be resold due to hygienic concerns or company policy. However, these practices can lead to a significant amount of waste.

Surprisingly, retail returns in the U.S. led to about 5 billion pounds of waste in landfills every year.

How Much Can I Earn from Dumpster Diving at Victoria’s Secret?

The earnings can vary significantly based on factors such as location, frequency of diving, and the condition of found items.

Some divers report finding items that are slightly damaged or were floor samples that can be repaired and sold for a profit.

On average, a dedicated diver might find merchandise that could be worth $50 to $200 per haul if sold online or at a flea market.

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Dumpster Diving Tips

When venturing into dumpster diving, safety and legality should be your top priorities. Here are three insightful tips:

Firstly you should ensure you’re not trespassing or breaking any local ordinances by doing a quick search online or asking a local authority.

Also, aim for the early morning or late evening hours; stores usually dispose of their unsold goods after closing, which means fresher finds for you.

Lastly you should wear sturdy gloves to protect your hands, and bring a flashlight to help you see clearly.

Never dive into a dumpster with hazardous or dangerous items, and always sanitize anything you take home.

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