Metal Detecting In Tennessee (Ultimate Guide in 2024)

Metal detecting is a fun hobby in Tennessee. It lets you find hidden treasures in the ground. 

People use a metal detector to look for coins, jewelry, and old things from history. Tennessee is a good place for this because it has many places full of history. 

When you go metal detecting, you might find something from long ago. It’s exciting to search and see what you can find.

Let’s dive in!

Metal Detecting In Tennessee

Metal Detecting In Tennessee

Metal detecting in Tennessee can be a thrilling hobby, as the state has a rich history that goes back to the time of early Native Americans and later European settlers.

Tennessee played a significant role during the Civil War, which means there’s a good chance of finding relics and artifacts from that era.

With a population of over 6.8 million people, the state offers both urban and rural opportunities for metal detecting.

Alongside its historical battlefields and private properties (with permission), the numerous parks and public spaces provide ideal spots for this hobby.

However, always remember to check local laws and obtain necessary permits before you start, as some areas may have restrictions to protect historical sites.

Is Metal Detection Legal in Tennessee

In the state of Tennessee, metal detecting is legal, but there are important rules and regulations you must follow. 

First and foremost, metal detecting is allowed on most public lands, but national parks are off-limits for metal detecting because they are protected areas. 

If you’re looking to use your metal detector in a state park, you generally need to get permission from park management, as rules can vary from one park to another.

For metal detecting on private property, you must obtain the property owner’s permission. Without it, metal detecting is considered trespassing.

You should remember that any items you find may be subject to property rights or historical preservation laws.

When it comes to finding historical artifacts, Tennessee has laws to protect these items. 

If you discover something that you believe may be historically significant, you must report it to the local authorities; it’s not legal to keep such finds without going through the proper process.

Best Places for Metal Detection In Tennessee

Here are the best places for metal detection in Tennessee:

1. Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a city brimming with history, offering metal detecting opportunities in parks, historical sites, and natural areas. 

Here, you can find Civil War relics, coins, jewelry, and lost items from other visitors. 

It’s important to obtain permits and adhere to local regulations for a responsible treasure-hunting experience.

2. Nashville

Nashville connects hobbyists to the city’s rich cultural heritage, with potential finds including Civil War relics, historic artifacts, and lost treasures.

Exploring the Cumberland River, historic sites, or local parks can be rewarding for metal detector enthusiasts.

3. Franklin

Franklin’s historic charm and Civil War significance make it an ideal location for searching for relics, artifacts, coins, and jewelry in local parks, battlefields, and historical sites.

4. Memphis

Memphis offers a unique opportunity to discover historical treasures ranging from Civil War relics to items from the city’s famed music scene. 

Ensure compliance with local laws and obtain required permits before starting your hunt.

5. Coker Creek

Located in the Appalachian Mountains, Coker Creek is a picturesque spot for metal detecting, with its historic mining past providing a backdrop for finding hidden relics and artifacts.

6. Tellico River

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, the Tellico River area is rich in Civil War, Native American, and lost treasures waiting to be discovered by metal detecting enthusiasts.

7. Little River

Flowing through the Great Smoky Mountains, Little River’s historical backdrop offers a chance to find coins, artifacts, and jewelry.

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with local regulations and obtain permits.

8. Shiloh Battlefield

This Civil War site is rich in relics and artifacts, offering a unique connection to the past. Respect the site’s historical significance and follow National Park Service regulations.

9. Fort Negley

Located in Nashville, Fort Negley is a Civil War-era fortification where enthusiasts can uncover relics from a pivotal chapter in American history.

10. Stones River National Battlefield

Near Murfreesboro, this battlefield witnessed intense Civil War battles, offering opportunities to find buttons, bullets, and other historical remnants.

11. Columbia

Columbia offers an engrossing historical adventure, with its rich legacy and Civil War past providing ample opportunities for finding artifacts.

12. Belle Meade Plantation

This 19th-century mansion and estate in Nashville is a fertile ground for those looking to connect with the region’s history and find hidden treasures.

13. Knoxville

Knoxville’s rich history dating back to the early 1700s offers numerous chances to find artifacts from the past, making it a special place for metal detecting enthusiasts.

14. Johnson City

The scenic beauty and historical significance of Johnson City make it an ideal spot for enthusiasts to uncover hidden treasures like Civil War relics and vintage coins.

15. Jonesborough

Jonesborough offers a fascinating history-filled hobby, with opportunities to find artifacts from Civil War relics to early American settlers’ remnants.

Best Clubs for Metal Detection In Tennessee

Here are best clubs for metal detection in Tennessee:

1. Chattanooga Civil War Round Table, Chattanooga

This club is perfect for history buffs interested in the Civil War era. Members often explore historical sites around Chattanooga, sharing insights and finds that connect them to the past. 

It’s an excellent place for those who want to combine their love for history with metal detecting.

2. Internet Metal Detecting Association, Chattanooga

A modern approach to metal detecting, this club leverages online platforms to connect members, share tips, and organize hunts. 

It’s ideal for those who appreciate a blend of in-field treasure hunting and online community engagement.

3. Mid-South Metal Detecting Club, Edendale

This club is known for its active membership and regular outings. 

Members range from beginners to seasoned detectorists, making it a great learning environment for everyone. 

The club focuses on exploring various sites across the Mid-South region, including historical and natural landscapes.

4. East Tennessee Treasure Hunting Club, Etowah

Focusing on the rich historical sites in East Tennessee, this club offers a mix of adventure and discovery. 

Members enjoy access to exclusive hunting grounds, including old wagon routes, Civil War sites, and more. It’s a community passionate about uncovering the past.

Can you metal detect on BLM Land in Tennessee?

Yes, you can use a metal detector on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land in Tennessee, but you need to follow the rules. 

You can’t take anything that is over 100 years old because that’s considered an artifact and is protected. 

You should also ensure you’re not on private property, and be careful not to disturb the land too much.

Is there any buried treasure in Tennessee?

While there are many legends and stories about buried treasures, there is no verified evidence of significant undiscovered treasure in Tennessee. 

However, Tennessee has a rich history, and the state was involved in various historical events, such as the Civil War, which could have led to stories about hidden caches of valuables. 

Amateur treasure hunters might use metal detectors in permitted areas, often finding relics and coins, mostly from past settlements or activities.

Some believe that the infamous Confederate guerrilla John A. Murrell might have hidden his stolen loot along the banks of the Mississippi River, while others speculate about treasures from Native American tribes or early settlers. 

While these stories captivate the imagination, pursuit of these treasures is typically based more on myth than reality. 

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Is there any Buried Treasure In Tennessee

Yes, there are legends of buried treasure in Tennessee. One of the most famous stories is about the lost silver mine of Swift. 

According to folklore, somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee, there is a hidden mine filled with silver ore that was discovered and mined by an Englishman named John Swift in the late 1700s. 

He supposedly buried the silver he mined to keep it safe, but the exact location was lost over time and remains a mystery. 

No substantial evidence has been found to prove the mine’s existence, making it a subject of intrigue and adventure for treasure hunters and historians alike. 

Other tales mention Civil War riches hidden during times of conflict, but none of these treasures have been conclusively discovered.

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