Metal Detecting In Virginia (Ultimate Guide in 2024)

Metal detecting can be a fun and exciting hobby, especially in Virginia. This state has a lot of history, from old Civil War battlefields to early American settlements. 

People who use metal detectors in Virginia have a good chance of finding interesting things hidden in the ground. 

In this article, we’ll discover the best places, clubs for metal detection and much more to start metal detecting in Virginia.

Let’s begin!

Metal Detecting In Virginia

Metal Detecting In Virginia

Metal detecting in Virginia can be a fun and rewarding hobby because of the state’s rich history and many places to explore. 

Virginia was an important area during many historical events, like the American Civil War, so there are chances to find old coins, buttons, or other artifacts. 

Virginia has more than 8 million people, which means there are a lot of parks and public spaces where you might use a metal detector, but always make sure to follow the local laws and get permission if needed. 

Some of the best places for metal detecting in Virginia include the beaches along the coast, old battlefields, and historical sites.

Is it legal to metal detect in Virginia?

In Virginia, metal detecting is legal, but there are specific rules you need to follow. Public lands are managed by different agencies, each with its own regulations. 

For example, you can metal detect in some state parks with permission, but it’s not allowed in national parks at all due to federal laws protecting historical sites.

If you want to use your metal detector on private property, you have to ask the landowner for permission first. 

It’s really important to understand the local laws of the county or city you are in because they can have different rules about metal detecting. 

You should also remember to fill any holes you dig and leave the area as you found it. 

In historical areas, there might be additional restrictions to preserve heritage, so always check with the local authorities before you start.

Where can you metal detect in Virginia?

Virginia presents a diverse array of locations suitable for metal detecting enthusiasts seeking historical treasures and unique finds. 

Here are the best places for metal detection in Virginia:

1. Abandoned Buildings and Structures

Abandoned buildings and structures often contain remnants of past lives, providing ample opportunity for discovery. 

Examples include former homes, schools, churches, and industrial complexes scattered throughout the state.

2. Abandoned Parks and Churches

Many abandoned parks and church grounds hold significant historical importance, offering chances to uncover forgotten artifacts.

3. Old Wagon Train Routes and Trails

These paths once served as vital transportation arteries during colonial times, leaving behind traces of human settlement and trade.

4. Natural Disasters Destruction Sites

Areas affected by natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes, may reveal objects swept away by catastrophic events.

5. Virginia Beaches, Rivers, Lakes, and Creeks

Public beaches, including popular destinations like Virginia Beach and Chincoteague Island, are prime locations for metal detecting. 

Moreover, rivers, lakes, and creeks offer access to submerged artifacts.

6. School Yards

Schoolyard metal detecting provides a glimpse into the past, revealing school badges, medallions, and other memorabilia.

7. Civil War Battlefields

While most civil war battlefield sites are off-limits due to preservation efforts, some areas may grant permission upon request.

8. Ghost Towns

Ghost towns present a unique challenge for metal detecting, allowing explorers to delve deep into the mysteries of vanished communities.

9. Natural Disaster Destruction Sites

Natural disaster destruction sites, such as those impacted by flooding or storm surges, may reveal objects washed away by cataclysmic events.

10. Virginia Beaches

Virginia’s extensive coastline features public beaches conducive to metal detecting, although some areas may be restricted.

11. Civilian and Military Areas

Specific sections of Virginia Beach, such as the lighthouse, civilian beach, and military beach, are off-limits to metal detectorists.

12. National Forests

National forests in Virginia allow metal detecting, provided that national forest regulations are followed.

13. State Parks

State parks in Virginia permit metal detecting on designated man-made beaches with a Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) special use permit.

14. Underwater Exploration

Underwater exploration requires a permit issued by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission for the removal of artifacts from riverbeds, Chesapeake Bay, and Atlantic coastal zones.

Is there any buried treasure in Virginia?

While there isn’t solid evidence for buried treasure in the way of pirate stashes or chests of gold coins, Virginia has a rich history that could suggest hidden treasures. 

The state was a significant site during the Civil War, and stories have circulated about soldiers burying their possessions for safekeeping. 

Moreover, Thomas Beale is said to have buried a treasure in Bedford County in the 1820s, which has never been found. 

However, treasure hunting should be done responsibly and legally, respecting private property and laws regarding historical artifacts and sites.

Metal detecting clubs in Virginia

These are the best clubs in Virginia:

1. Central Virginia Historical Recovery

Location: Central Virginia

This Club is a group dedicated to metal detecting enthusiasts who share a passion for uncovering hidden treasures that tell stories of the region’s past. 

As one of the metal detecting clubs in Virginia, this organization provides a community for hobbyists to learn, explore, and preserve historical artifacts with respect and care. 

Their activities often lead to exciting discoveries, contributing to the understanding of Virginia’s rich history.

2. Hanover Metal Detectors Club LLC

Location: Ashland

The Hanover Metal Detectors Club LLC is a gathering of enthusiasts in Virginia who share a passion for uncovering historical treasures from the Civil War era.

Established in 2006, this club regularly brings its members together to discuss their finds, exchange tips, and plan their next metal detecting adventure. 

Their meetings are a chance for both seasoned and novice detectors to learn from each other and deepen their appreciation for history.

3. Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association

Location: Clifton

This club is a great place for people in Northern Virginia who want to find old things buried in the ground, like coins and historical relics.

Members of the NVRHA often meet to share stories, tips, and to go out searching for treasures together.

It’s a community where beginners can learn from experienced metal detectorists, making it easier for anyone to start this interesting hobby.

4. Hampton Roads Recovery Society

Location: Hampton

Website: Hampton Roads Recovery Society

This community brings together individuals who share a passion for uncovering hidden treasures buried beneath the ground.

Members of the society often meet to explore local beaches, parks, and historical sites with their metal detectors, searching for relics, coins, and jewelry.

It’s a friendly group where beginners can learn from more experienced metal detectorists, and all can enjoy the thrill of discovery together.

5. Roanoke Coin & Relic Club

Location: Roanoke

This club is great for anyone interested in history, metal detecting, and joining a group of friendly people who share a common hobby.

7. Rapidan River Relic Hunters Association

Location: Unionvill

They enjoy exploring areas around the Rapidan River and beyond in search of historical artifacts and hidden treasures.

This club is a place for both beginners and experienced metal detectorists to learn, share tips, and embark on adventures together.

As the last on our list of Virginia metal detecting clubs, they represent a community keen on preserving history and the thrill of discovery.

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Virginia Parks for Metal Detection

Here is the list of parks for metal detention in Virginia:

Park NameMetal Detecting Policy
Bear Creek Lake (BC)Contact Park
Belle Isle (BI)Contact Park
Breaks Interstate (BK) Not Managed by DCR
Caledon (CA)Contact Park
Chippokes Plantation (CP)Contact Park
Claytor Lake (CL)Contact Park
Clinch River (CR) Under Development
Douthat (DO)Contact Park
Fairy Stone (FS)Contact Park
False Cape (FC)Contact Park
First Landing (FL)Contact Park
Grayson Highlands (GH)Contact Park
High Bridge Trail (HB)Contact Park
Holliday Lake (HL)Contact Park
Hungry Mother (HM)Contact Park
James River (JR)Contact Park
Kiptopeke (KP)Contact Park
Lake Anna (LA)Contact Park
Leesylvania (LE)Contact Park
Machicomoco (MA)Contact Park
Mason Neck (MN)Contact Park
Natural Bridge (NB)Contact Park
Natural Tunnel (NT)Contact Park
New River Trail (NR)Contact Park
Occoneechee (OC)Contact Park
Pocahontas (PO)Contact Park
Powhatan (PW)Contact Park
Sailor’s Creek Battlefield Historic (SC)Contact Park
Seven Bends (SE)Contact Park
Shenandoah River (SH)Contact Park
Shot Tower (ST)Contact Park
Sky Meadows (SK)Contact Park
Smith Mountain Lake (SM)Contact Park
Southwest Virginia Museum Historical (SW)Contact Park
Staunton River (SR)Contact Park
Staunton River Battlefield (SB)Contact Park
Sweet Run (SN)Contact Park
Twin Lakes (TL)Contact Park
Westmoreland (WE)Contact Park
Widewater (WW)Contact Park
Wilderness Road (WR)Contact Park
York River (YR)Contact Park

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