Metal Detecting In Mississippi (Ultimate Guide in 2024)

This state, steeped in history from ancient Native American civilizations to pivotal Civil War moments, offers a canvas for those eager to unearth hidden stories.

Each beep and signal from a metal detector might reveal relics quietly whispering tales of the old South.

So, in this article we will discover the best places, clubs for metal detection in Mississippi and discuss other considerations.

Let’s begin!

Metal Detecting In Mississippi

Metal Detecting In Mississippi

Metal detecting in Mississippi is an exciting hobby because the state has a long history that goes back centuries. 

Mississippi was home to Native Americans for thousands of years and later, it was an essential part of the Civil War. 

With a current population of about 3 million people, the state has many places where you can go metal detecting and possibly find old coins, jewelry, and relics.

In Mississippi, you have a good chance to find something special because there were many old battles fought here. 

Also, along the Mississippi River and its beaches, people often find interesting things. 

Some of the best places to go metal detecting include historical sites, public parks, and beaches, but always make sure you have permission to search there.

However, remember that there are laws in Mississippi that you need to follow. For example, it’s not allowed to metal detect in national parks or historic sites without special permission. 

Is Metal Detection Legal In Mississippi

In Mississippi, metal detecting is legal, but it’s important to follow specific rules and regulations. 

If you want to use a metal detector in public places like parks or beaches, it’s often allowed, but you might need to get permission from the park management first. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking at using a metal detector on private property, you must have the property owner’s consent.

When it comes to state-owned land or historical sites, metal detecting is generally not permitted, especially if the area is considered an archaeological site. 

This is to protect historical artifacts that might be buried underground.

You should also respect any posted signs that prohibit metal detecting. Some areas might be off-limits to protect wildlife or because of safety concerns. 

Best Place for Metal Detecting In Mississippi

Abandoned buildings and structures present opportunities to uncover relics and artifacts from the past, while abandoned parks and old churches may hold historical items lost over time. 

Exploring old wagon train routes and abandoned mines can lead to discoveries from early settlers or miners, and following Native American trails and visiting ghost towns often yields rich finds of artifacts and historical items. 

Natural disaster destruction sites may unearth items revealed by the forces of nature, and Mississippi’s beaches, rivers, lakes, and creeks are popular for finding lost jewelry and coins, with notable locations including Gulfport Beach, East Beach in Ocean Springs, and Biloxi Beach. 

School yards frequently offer modern lost items like jewelry and coins, while Civil War sites hold the potential for discovering historical artifacts from that era. 

Ghost towns such as Bankston, Electric Mills, Gainesville, Plymouth, and Woolworth provide excellent opportunities for historical finds. 

Rumored Civil War-era treasures buried within the state’s soil, including Ship Island, near the old Napoleon Church, and treasures associated with Captain Dave and Calico Dick, add an exciting dimension to metal detecting adventures in Mississippi.

Best Clubs for Metal Detecting In Mississippi

These clubs offer opportunities for enthusiasts to meet, share tips, and participate in metal detecting outings.

1. Tri-State Coin & Relic Hunter’s Club

Location: Luka, Mississippi

Contact: 662-423-3484

While specific details about the club’s activities, membership requirements, and meeting schedules were not provided, the Tri-State Coin & Relic Hunter’s Club is known among the metal detecting community in Mississippi.

It likely offers a platform for those interested in coin and relic hunting to share their experiences and organize hunts.

2. South Mississippi Metal Detecting

Facebook Page: South Mississippi Metal Detecting

SMMD is a group for metal detecting hobbyists in South Mississippi. It provides a space for members to share information, tips, and finds related to metal detecting. 

The group’s Facebook page is a hub for communication among members.

3. Mississippi Gulf Coast Metal Detecting Club (MGCMD)

Facebook Group: MS Gulf Coast Metal Detecting Club

The MGCMD is a relatively new organization open to the public and welcomes individuals of all skill levels. 

The club aims to bring together metal detecting enthusiasts from the Mississippi Gulf Coast area, offering a community for sharing finds, experiences, and organizing group hunts.

Can you metal detect on BLM Land in Mississippi?

Metal detecting on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land in Mississippi is allowed, but it comes with specific restrictions to ensure the protection of archaeological and historical resources. 

Metal detecting is allowed on BLM land in Mississippi. However, detectorists must be careful not to disturb or uncover any archaeological artifacts.

According to ARPA, the government reserves the right to claim any “archaeological valuables” found on BLM land. 

These are defined as tangible objects from human life or activities with archaeological interest that are at least 100 years old.

While metal detecting on BLM land, it’s crucial not to harm or expose any artifacts. 

If you inadvertently discover an artifact, it’s important to notify the authorities so they can handle the artifact appropriately.

Is there any buried treasure in Mississippi?

While there are no confirmed reports of buried treasure in Mississippi in the way that we often hear about in pirate stories, the state has a rich history that could inspire such tales.

Mississippi was home to ancient Native American civilizations, was a site of significant Civil War battles, and had its share of notorious outlaws during the era of riverboat traffic. 

Treasure hunting in Mississippi, like in many places, is more about the thrill of exploring and the possibility of finding historical artifacts rather than unearthing chests of gold.

What Kinds of Items you Can Find in Mississippi

In Mississippi, those who engage in metal detecting can expect to find a variety of items, both modern and historical. 

The state’s rich history, from the Native American heritage to the Civil War, provides a potential treasure trove of artifacts. 

Items such as old coins, antique jewelry, bullets and military paraphernalia, tools, and relics from past settlements can be unearthed.

However, you should adhere to the laws related to metal detecting. 

Any artifacts found on public land or lands administered by state agencies must be reported and may be the property of the state. 

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Tips for Successful Metal Detecting in Mississippi

Here are some simple tips:

You should start with a good metal detector that’s suitable for beginners. Make sure it’s easy to use and has settings for different types of ground conditions.

You should also know the local laws about metal detecting. In Mississippi, you need permission to metal detect on private property, and there are specific rules for state parks and historical sites.

Find a local club or online forum. This way, you can learn from experienced detectorists and maybe even go on group hunts.

You can go to beaches and parks; these are great places for beginners. You’re likely to find coins, jewelry, and other interesting objects.

Also should go after a rainy day; because wet soil can make metal objects more conductive, which might help your detector find them easier.

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