Metal Detecting In New Jersey (Ultimate Guide In 2024)

Metal detecting in New Jersey is a fascinating hobby that connects people with history and nature.

In this state, there are over 130 miles of coastline and countless parks full of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

New Jersey’s rich history, dating back to the 1600s, makes it a perfect place for metal detecting adventures.

So, in this guide we’ll discover the best places and clubs for metal detection in New Jersey and much more.

Let’s dive in!

Metal Detecting In New Jersey

Metal Detecting In New Jersey

New Jersey, known for its rich history and diverse population, is a great place for metal detecting. 

This state has seen many historical events, from early European settlements to significant Revolutionary War battles. 

Because of this, you might find old coins, relics, or artifacts buried underground.

The state is home to nearly 9 million people, which means lots of public spaces and beaches where people gather and sometimes lose items like jewelry or coins. 

One reason New Jersey is best for metal detecting is its history. Areas that were busy during historical times can be treasure troves.

Plus, with so many people visiting beaches, parks, and old buildings, there’s always a chance to find something interesting.

Some of the best places for metal detecting in New Jersey include the beaches like Ocean City, Cape May, and Sandy Hook. 

Public parks and old towns can also be good, but always check for permission or any regulations since some areas may have restrictions.

In the state you can find colonial coins, military buttons, and musket balls from the 18th century, to modern jewelry and electronics lost at beaches or parks. 

Each find tells a story and adds a piece to the historical puzzle of New Jersey.

Is metal detecting legal in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, metal detecting is allowed but with certain restrictions to ensure respect for private and protected areas.

So, the legality of metal detecting hinges on a variety of factors, including the location and ownership of the land. 

1. Public Lands and Beaches

Generally, metal detecting is allowed on public beaches in New Jersey, but you should check for any specific restrictions or requirements, like obtaining a permit or following specific hours. Be sure to fill any holes you dig and remove any trash you unearth.

2. State Parks

In state parks, metal detecting is often restricted or outright prohibited to protect historical artifacts and natural resources.

Before you plan your trip, it’s essential to contact the park administration directly to understand the specific regulations of each park. 

Some parks may allow metal detecting in designated areas with a permit.

3. Private Property

Metal detecting on private property is legal in New Jersey, but only with explicit permission from the property owner.

So, you should obtain written permission to avoid any legal issues and ensure that you have the right to retain anything you find.

4. Historical Sites

Metal detecting is strictly prohibited on historical sites in New Jersey. These areas are protected to preserve historical artifacts.

Violating this regulation could lead to legal repercussions, including fines and the confiscation of your equipment.

5. Local Ordinances

It’s important to note that local municipalities may have their own rules that could further restrict metal detecting.

Lastly you should take the time to research and adhere to local ordinances to avoid potential fines or penalties.

Where can you metal detect in New Jersey?

These are the places near me in New Jersey for metal detection:

State Parks

New Jersey’s state parks offer diverse landscapes and could be potential sites for metal detecting. 

State Forests

Similar to state parks, forests may allow metal detecting in certain areas with proper guidance and permissions.


Some public beaches may allow metal detecting, especially during off-peak seasons. Local ordinances and state regulations will apply.

Historic Sites

While metal detecting is often restricted at historic sites to preserve archaeological integrity, it’s worth inquiring about any possible allowances or special programs.

Metal detecting clubs in New Jersey

These are the best Metal Detection Clubs in New Jersey:

1. Deep Search Metal Detector Club

Location: Edison

The Deep Search Metal Detector Club is a well-established group in New Jersey that offers a friendly environment for metal detecting enthusiasts. 

They meet regularly to share discoveries, plan outings, and discuss valuable finds. 

This club provides a great opportunity for both beginners and experienced hunters to improve their skills and connect with like-minded individuals.

2. South Jersey Metal Detecting Club

Location: Haddon Heights

The South Jersey Metal Detecting Club, founded in 1972, boasts over 100 active members from the tri-state area.

This club is known for its welcoming atmosphere and supportive community of hobbyists. 

Joining this club can be a rewarding experience for those interested in metal detecting in Southern New Jersey.

3. North Jersey Metal Detectors

Location: Highland Lakes

The North Jersey Metal Detectors club is another prominent group in New Jersey dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting.

While specific details are limited, being part of this club offers opportunities to engage with fellow enthusiasts, share knowledge, and explore the world of metal detecting.

4. Mid-Jersey Research And Recovery Club

Location: Yardville

The Mid-Jersey Research And Recovery Club (MJRRC) is one of the original metal detecting clubs in New Jersey. 

This club meets monthly in Yardville and is committed to promoting the hobby and sport of metal detecting. 

Joining MJRRC provides members with a platform to enhance their skills, participate in group activities.

5. East Coast Research & Discovery Club

Location: Pompton Plains

This club is a notable metal detecting club in New Jersey that offers opportunities for enthusiasts to come together, share experiences, and learn from one another. 

While specific information about this club may vary, being part of such a group can enhance your metal detecting journey and provide a supportive community.

Can you metal detect in a local park?

Yes, you can often use a metal detector in local parks, but it’s important to check the park’s rules or ask permission from park authorities first because some places might not allow it.

Can you metal detect on BLM Land in New Jersey?

Yes, you can use a metal detector on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land in New Jersey, but there are rules you need to follow. 

You should always ensure to check the latest regulations and perhaps even contact the local BLM office before you start.

Is there any buried treasure in New Jersey?

While there are many legends and stories about buried treasures in New Jersey, most of these tales have not been proven true.

Some stories suggest that pirates buried their treasures along the New Jersey coast, but no significant discoveries have been made.

If you’re interested in searching for treasure, always follow local laws and get permission before exploring private lands or historical sites.

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Metal detecting in new jersey cost

The cost of metal detecting in New Jersey can vary. To start, you’ll need a metal detector, which can range from $50 for a basic model to over $1000 for advanced equipment. 

If you plan to metal detect in state parks or historical sites, you may need a special permit. The permit fee is generally affordable, around $20 to $40 for a yearly pass. 

You should also check the latest rules and fees on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection‘s website before you start.

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